June 17, 2016

Jeff Stice Earns His Bachelor of Arts Degree

On May 13th Jeff Stice, musician extraordinaire, graduated from Louisiana Baptist University with a degree for Bachelor of Arts in Music. While most people take the transitions in life without taking advantage of the situation, Jeff took his situation to advance his his education.

Jeff stated, "When I began my solo career I decided to go back to school and get my degree! Well nearly two years later I got it! I'm going to continue to get my Masters too.”

Jeff also had the honor recently of being inducted into the Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame for his years of traveling and playing with The Nelons.

Jeff was excited to say, "This family will never know the impact they've made in my life. Rex Nelon gave me a chance, and Kelly and Jason continue to do that. Todd Nelon allows me to come and share my music at his church. They are like my second family.”

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  1. A great piano player. I remember his days with the "Perfect Heart" quartet. I loved the quartet and I loved his piano playing.


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