July 8, 2016

Williamsons Take Their Ministry to Kisumu, Kenya

The Williamson’s returned to the U.S. on June 27 after spending two weeks on a missions trip in Kisumu, Kenya. Donnie Williamson, Lisa Chesser Williamson and Karl Rice, along with Donnie and Lisa’s daughters, Sadie and Olivia, boarded a plane on June 14 in hopes of spending time with the people of Kenya and seeing lives changed through the Gospel. Donnie and Lisa confirmed that their trip exceeded expectations.

While they were there, The Williamsons were busy daily. They sang, preached, participated in the Pastor’s Conference, visited schools and witnessed 18,000 people make decisions for Christ. The impact on the ministry team as well as the people of Kisumu was incredible.

The Williamsons trip to Kenya was the third missions trip they’ve taken as a family and group with the Russell Ministry World Missions Team. Donnie Williamson says, “We rely a great deal on Mike and Jan Russell to plan things. I’m thankful to Mike and Jan for being so sensitive to the spirit, even on the routing. This sensitivity has always allowed us safe travel and an ability to see God’s hand in every trip.”

In the next few months, The Williamsons plan to continue celebrating the salvations they witnessed during their time there and working with the World Missions Team to try and get some Bibles sent over to many of the pastors and community members who are currently without. When the pastors there were asked what they really needed, Bibles were the one thing they mentioned. The Williamsons will also have the opportunity through the World Missions Team to continue to fund the pastors and the people they impacted during their time there. The pastors will go back into the schools and hear the stories of life change that happened during those two weeks. Donnie Williamson says, “The best stories are yet to come.”

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