July 20, 2021

Kingdom Heirs Team with the Heath Brothers for An Upbeat & Joyous Tune


Kingdom Heirs have teamed up with the Heath Brothers to release one of the most upbeat and joyous tune for the summer. Written by Mike Harland and Lee Black, "A Good Day Coming On" is a joyful, up-beat expression of the happiness that can be found in God's promises to us. 

"We fell in love with this family several years ago and were able to work with them in concert back in 2019," says the Kingdom Heirs' Arthur Rice of the 3 Heath Brothers. "We sang together on one song, and we thought how fun it would be to record something with the boys one day. Their enthusiasm and excitement for the gospel is infectious. After the year we've all had, we believe this song came along at the right time to encourage us all that through the hope of Jesus, there's a good day coming on." 

"It feels like a dream come true to have the Kingdom Heirs invite us to sing this awesome song with them," add the 3 Heath Brothers. "We have always looked up to them and enjoyed their concerts on family trips to Dollywood. Arthur Rice is one of our heroes and we will never forget how God has used him over and over again to be an encouragement to us. In our book, the Kingdom Heirs are true gospel music legends and we are honored to sing with them!"