July 1, 2021

MercyMe feat. Sam Wesley On Our Way

 “’On Our Way’ was a song idea that my son – Sam Wesley – brought to me as we were writing for the new album.  I’ve always said those moments when the music, the melody, and the lyrics all come together just right… it’s a pretty incredible feeling, and ‘On Our Way’ is one of those for me.  The chorus immediately made me start thinking of the journey that we’ve been on as a band for twenty something years and just as Christians.  After all this time and all we’ve seen, we still believe in the message of the gospel.  We still believe there’s more to do and we’re just as excited now as we were the day we came to know Jesus.  That’s why the first verse mentions how we’ve ‘scraped a few knees along the way,’ but there’s still this sense of wonder and awe in our relationship with Jesus that keeps us going – to the point we feel we’re just getting started.  For me, it seems like you see in the news that people are walking away from their faith and it’s heartbreaking.   If we can encourage believers to keep going… then this song has done its part.  I really hope it kind of rallies the troops if you will.  When we remember we’re on our way to something so much greater and take scriptures like ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ to heart I truly believe there’s nothing we can’t do.” -Bart Millard (MercyMe)