August 18, 2021

Christian Country Artist /Songwriter James Payne has released his latest single, “CDB” (Charlie Daniels Band).

“CDB” is climbing the charts and becoming a fan favorite. Please call your local Christian radio station to request the song on Millennium Music Group Comp #106

July 6th, 2020 was a day that the music world will never forget! It was a day Country Music lost an Icon, Charlie Daniels. Charlie was a husband, father, grandfather, Christian, patriot, and one of the greatest entertainers to ever walk on a stage. 

James Payne recalls, “I was privileged to work about 5 shows with Charlie on the TBN Network. He was such a nice, gentle, loving human being. He made everyone around him feel important. When my son was a student at Belmont, Charlie came there to help raise funds for the college and my son was assigned to host him. Charlie was so nice to my son. He invited him to his home for a Birthday Party. A dad never forgets that type of kindness to his children. Charlie was bigger than life, but humble as a child

A few weeks after Charlie left us, I felt I had to write something to honor him. I followed him on Twitter, and I knew how much he loved God and America! I wrote the first verse of CDB (Charlie Daniels Band) and then when I was in a writing session with Cliff Waddell, we finished the song. The hook line says “You can tell the devil Charlie wont’ be coming down to Georgia anymore!”   

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About James Payne

Bishop James Payne is founder and director of James Payne Ministries INC of Nashville Tennessee. James is a Grammy nominated songwriter having penned over 2500 songs recorded by over 1200 soloist, choirs, groups, and individuals. As a writer and artist 81 of his songs have reached #1 on various music charts. James is also a member of the ICGMA Hall of Fame, a recipient of the ICM Living Legend Award, The Diamond Award for 50 number one songs. James has received numerous Songwriter Of The Year Awards, Song Of The Year, Male Vocalist, Entertainer Of The Year, and almost every other award music has to offer. James Payne has preached over 5000 crusades in 42 years of full-time ministry. He has appeared on PTL, 700 Club, TBN, TCT, Cornerstone, Daystar, Inspiration TV Network. James presently has a program on Love World Television Network that is reaching over 200 countries and touches millions of lives. Having partnered with INSP TV Network, in an effort to win lost souls, over 5 million souls have come to God in the last three years. James was raised from the dead in 1968 and delivered from drug addiction and alcoholism. He is celebrating 45 years of full-time ministry. James makes his home in the Nashville area and travels extensively across the US and around the world telling everybody about somebody that can change anybody who’s name is Jesus!

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