August 18, 2021

Mickey Bell Reacts to Nomination for Best Comedy Act

Mickey Bell may be fairly new to the world of stand-up comedy, but the funny man is garnering attention and accolades quickly. 

 On the heels of being added to a string of successsful tours and preparing to film his first comedy special, the hilarious Bell has now received his first nomination as a comedian. It was announced recently that Bell is nominated for Best Comedy Act at the 2021 Inspirational Country Music Awards. The live show will be presented on August 26, 2021 in Pigeon Forge, TN, and hosted by Inside Edition's Megan Alexander.

 Bell says: "To say that I am honored to be nominated for this award at such an early stage of my career is an understatement. I am very thankful to the ICMA organization for recognizing comedians in their awards ceremony.  

 This truly helps all of us further our message, reaching so many who just need to laugh. Whether I win or lose, just being recognized for what I do is a win in itself. Well, not really, but I am trying to be humble, ha !!

 Seriously, I’m very thankful for the nomination. To God be the glory."

 The beloved stand-up comedian, host, writer, speaker, and all-around-encourager is preparing to film his first comedy special – One Pound At A Time – at Birmingham, Alabama's premier comedy club, Stardome.

 The show will take place on August 24, 2021, at 6:30 PM. The evening is a full-circle moment for the Alabama-bred funny man. 

 "As a comic, you always work and dream of being noticed for your work. Being able to perform at the Stardome Comedy Club is very simply a dream come true,” Bell states. "Living in central Alabama, I have seen so many of my comic heroes entertain thousands there. It's very exciting and thrilling that on August 24, 2021, I get to stand in that very spot and showcase my talents."

 Since COVID-19 restrictions have started to lift, Bell has been crisscrossing the nation with his unique brand of uplifting, hysterical, clean comedic takes on everyday life – and his sometimes troubled past experiences. His motivational style and message of second chances will give you a night of laughter.

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Mickey Bell is quickly becoming one of the most sought after comedians, hosts and speakers around the country. His humor is geared for all ages and will have you wanting more. His style is unlike any other because he is just “MICKEY." He doesn’t strive to copy or be just like anyone else. He uses his quick wit and church experience with stories that will have you laughing.

Being raised in Alabama all of his life, Mickey has taken notice of all the things we do that doesn’t really make sense and has turned that knowledge into a great evening of laughs. He doesn’t see the need to use vulgar language which allows him to entertain on any stage and at any event.

His personal story is one of restoration and getting a second chance. He shares about his struggle with depression and uses his downfall to encourage and lift others up.

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