September 21, 2021

Eli Badillo "Never Let You Go"


My latest message, Never Let You Go, is a reminder that God's love will reach us even when we feel too far gone. Many of us have felt so unworthy of  forgiveness. To think that a perfect and holy God would even look at us after our failures or mistakes, is unimaginable. However, time and time again, His unwavering love embraces us and reminds us that He will never let us go!

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Thank you so much!

A little bit about me..
I'm a singer-songwriter born in Boston, Massachusetts from Puertorican parents. My passion is to share Jesus to all I'm able to reach through my music. My songs express my heart and the gratitude I feel for His love reaching me. My latest single, Never Let You Go, was released in December 2020. My recordings also include: I Lift You Up, Grateful to You, Mira al Cielo (Look to Heaven), Paz (Peace), and Guerrero (Warrior).
Eliseo (Eli) Badillo Jr