September 7, 2021

Exclusive Song Premiere: The Kingsmen's "Still I Climb"

The Kingsmen Quartet will be releasing their brand new album More to the Story next Friday (September 10). The album is now available for pre-order, add and save. Produced by the award-winning and GRAMMY-nominated Jeff Collins at Crossroads Studios, the set features several already-released singles surrounded by a fresh group of songs given both traditional and contemporary Southern Gospel arrangements.

As a preview to the new album, we are exclusively premiering one of the album's prime cuts, "Still I Climb." The song speaks about how Christ is by our side giving us courage and home in our journey home. Ray Dean Reese shares, "This song means a lot to me - I love it. There is a great message in that each Christian has to face struggles as we walk or climb on this journey home. We get discouraged, we think 'I can't do this,' but then we turn our faith and trust to the One who has given His life to save us. No matter what, we need to keep trusting and push upward to our reward: An eternity in Heaven."

Sandy Knight, who wrote "Still I Climb" adds, "I'm so proud to have Ray Dean, Chris and the Kingsmen singing this song. The message of when life pushes too hard..simply saying 'Still I Climb'is the greatest testimony we can share."