September 20, 2021

Story Behind The Lore Family's "The World Needs a Song"

The Lore Family, which consists of Darren, Sandy and their two children, Fayth and Samuel, have released their brand new song "The World Needs a Song." Written for these times when the world is faced with so much disappointments and brokenness, "The World Needs a Song" speaks of how the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what truly brings joy. Songwriter Darren Lore has taken the time to talk about how the song came about.  

"In the early months of 2020, Bev Herema, Dixie Phillips and I met on a Zoom conference to co-write. This was our first attempt at writing as a team, and after talking a while about our families and the effects that the pandemic was having on us, we decided to get busy on finding a theme for a new song.

I asked the ladies if I could offer up a word of prayer for our writing session, and as I was praying, I asked the Heavenly Father to use our talents to write something that would bring hope to the suffering. I prayed, 'Father, the world needs a song right now more than ever. Help us to write a song to encourage and uplift those who are  overwhelmed and discouraged.'

When I finished praying, all three of us zeroed in on one phrase I prayed. It was as if the Spirit had dropped the hook in our ears!" 

The result is a joyous celebration of the power of music when it's placed in service to the Lord.  As the rousing chorus puts it:

The world needs a song

Filled with mercy and hope

An anthem of joyfulness

Moving in the soul

A melody that's rising up

When everything goes wrong

The world, oh the world needs a song

"The world does need a song," Lore concludes. "Let's invite the broken, the burdened and the bruised to join our happy band. It's time to get our hands clapping and our feet moving to a higher call. There's room in our choir for the world to join in! 'So come on, come on and sing along!'"