October 21, 2021

Randy Day's new single "I Love To Hear The Story"

Every once in a while, I will either hear on the radio or receive a song by an artist that I have never heard before. There will be something that catches my ear in the performance of the song that is fresh and different. Their vocal will clearly compliment the story and often cause me to stop whatever I am doing and pay close attention to the full message.  A few years back a young singer, songwriter from the great state of Florida by the name of Randy Day sent me his full project.  The smooth story telling vocals on this project sold me on his God given talent. Too many times Christian songs are over produced with instruments that totally block out the vocals and overshadow the message. They forget that Christian music is all about the messages of hope, peace, grace and the love of Jesus, that is why it is labeled Christian. Randy has a project filled with songs that glorify Christ.  We at Canyon Creek Radio Promotions are so very proud to release Randy’s new single to radio, “I Love To Hear The Story”, on Volume 55. This song was composed by Randy with an up tempo, spirit filled message. We believe that radio will want to play this song and their audiences will love to hear it. This is our second release for Randy, and we are so proud to have had the opportunity to do so.  For Radio Distribution call Canyon Creek Records 903-566-3347 * www.canyoncreekrecords.com