October 29, 2021

"Shall Not Worry" by Sharilyn

Sharilyn is a Gospel Christian Recording Artist from Greenville, Mississippi. This singer, songwriter is passionate about showcasing the love of God. Sharilyn had a likeness of music from a very young age.

Growing up in Mississippi, she was always inventing simple songs about love, life, and emotions. Sharilyn recognized her love and passion for music, and embraced music as an outlet to be free, and explore endless possibilities.

Sharilyn finds gospel music to be fulfilling, as she expresses God’s relentless love for all. As an artist, she enjoys multiple genres of music, however, she is influenced by Christian rock and blues. With the uprising of contemporary music and new sound, Sharilyn brings gospel music lovers highly listenable music. Sharilyn’s music is greatly inspired by the good news. Likewise, her songs deeply express God’s genuine love for His children, Faith, kingdom building, and believer’s life. Her mission is to be as a music disciple for Jesus- spreading the good news through music.

Sharilyn is delighted to see God’s work in people through her music. She looks forward to creating more enjoyable songs. A spirited singer, the Gospel music mainstream is blessed to have her gift. She strongly

believes “Jesus made it Simple”. Not only did he die for us; he saved us, and is our constant, faithful, intercessor, and friend.