October 21, 2021

Terry and Debra Luna

Beauty to me has more meaning than just how one looks on the outside. Beauty is what is in one’s soul. Beauty is also how one gives of themselves, or how they hurt for those who are hurting and will do their best to try to ease the pain. Beauty is being one who is never jealous of other’s achievements but proud for them. When I think of these qualifications of beauty, two beautiful souls come to mind, “Terry and Debra Luna”. They are never backbiters or gossipers, but always true friends and readily give their love to those they are close to.  They are everything I have mentioned above and more, Godley. They love sharing the Gospel through their music. They sing messages of hope, something the world is crying out for. They know that true peace only comes through Christ. They live by His commandment to love one another. That is beauty at it’s best.  Radio be on the lookout for Terry and Debra Luna’s new release on Canyon Creek Records Volume 57 “I See The Son” This song is a beautiful message of love.

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