October 21, 2021

The Murphys

So many times, in the Christian music industry, many family groups have the same or similar sound. In any music industry, when you think about it, the song you are listening to on the radio sounds a lot like the song you just heard.  It is extremely hard these days to write something fresh and new that doesn’t sound the same as another song or two out there. The first thing I noticed about the Murphys when reviewing their album was that they had a very distinct sound and style of their own that is easy to listen to. They are not only good vocalists but great story tellers. When writing and performing a Country Gospel song, the message should grab your attention and it can only do that if the singers know how to sell the message with their vocal talents.  The Murphys have a special gift to do just that. Their new release to radio “Who You Are” is an awesome song and will catch your ear and touch your hearts. I can honestly say it does mine. “Who You Are” cut # 11 on Canyon Creek Compilation Volume 56. For Radio Distribution call Canyon Creek Records 903-566-3347 * www.canyoncreekrecords.com