October 21, 2021

Todd Lee

Todd Lee is a versatile singer and musician. He has worked with bluegrass bands, country bands, blues bands, and even a few rock bands. At the age of 10 Todd’s grandma gave Todd his grandpa’s old guitar.  He believes that was the greatest life changing gift that he could have ever received except for one other, being Baptized, and receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit. Todd did what so many of us have done when we were young and started living life in the fast lane chasing after that Neon Rainbow. Like most of us Todd finally realized that the life he was leading was not for a believer. Todd loved Christ and knew that his gift of music had come from Him. After all he was born into a family with a long line of preachers on his father’s side of the family and grew up listening to great Gospel music. Todd rededicated his life to Jesus and in 2015 took a new path in life and started his Music Ministry. He worked with many Gospel groups as a tenor singer. In 2020 he started singing Christian Country as a solo artist. Todd Lee has just released a new single to radio on Canyon Creek Records Volume 57 titled “Love Will Roll The Clouds Away”.  It’s already getting a good response from radio.  God is so good! For Radio Distribution call Canyon Creek Records 903-566-3347 * www.canyoncreekrecords.com