November 4, 2021

Steve Roberson

Just like most of you, I love to listen to good Christian music no matter what the style. If a song fills me with hope, peace, and joy then it’s done its job. Personally, I prefer Christian music with a Country flavor, but I also love Southern, Bluegrass, Black Gospel, and good Contemporary with a great message.   That leads me to tell you about an artist that we’ve had the privilege to start working with.   His name is Steve Roberson.  Many know and listen to Steve on the radio as host of “The Christian Country Count Down”, aired on over 18 radio stations In the United States and Canada. What a lot of you didn’t know is that Steve has this awesome multi style vocal ability. He can sing any style of music and sing it great!  His new release to radio “It Won’t Be Long” is a blend of Christian Country with a touch of Southern Gospel flavor. What impresses me most about Steve is he’s sold out to Christ, he very much loves his family, and for him there is no turning back.  Radio be sure to give Steve Roberson’s “It Won’t Be Long” on Canyon Creek Radio Compilation Volume 57 plenty of spins. You won’t regret it!

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