January 6, 2022

Barbara Fairchild / Glen Campbell

Jezebel is a song written by two of the greatest singer songwriters of our time Barbara Fairchild and her great friend the late Glen Campbell. Jezebel is a Biblical story that reminds us of the powerful and poisoning evil spirit that a human can receive if we let her in and fall for her lies. Barbara told me when she read a book about Jezebel, it opened her eyes to the fact that the same evil spirit is alive and well in this world today. She said God started dictating to her, word by word, the lyrics warning of this evil spirit. Barbara called her good friend Glen Campbell and read him the lyrics. She then explained to him how God gave her the lyrics, but she was having trouble writing the musical melody. 

Glen then asked her if he could help co-write the song by adding the melody and musical arrangement to the song. Glen told Barbara that he had danced with that spirit at one point in his life and knew firsthand how it can destroy a man’s soul. Glen said he was so thankful to God for His Mercy and Grace. He delivered me from that spirit and set me free from its bondage. The song has a tremendous message and Barbara says it saddens her heart that it wasn’t released to radio before Glen left this world to join the family of God in heaven. She said, “I know he will be proud that we are finally getting it out to radio.” Like Barbara, Glen was a devoted born-again Christian. We at Canyon Creek Records are very proud to be the first to release Jezebel on Compilation volume 58 now out to radio. Remember the spirit of Jezebel is still among us. Deny and rebuke it. If you let it in, it will destroy you spiritually.