January 6, 2022

Faith Country Band


I have spent twenty-two years working hard to see Christian Country/Country Gospel Music become a strong part of the Christian Radio family. I have seen so many talented artists come and go in those twenty-two years. Many of those artists and DJ’s forgetting that this industry is yet another tool to reach those who do not know Christ and for the Christians that do know HIM to have an alternative for their music entertainment. This is a ministry, not a stardom industry. 

I can honestly say that our industry has blossomed to the top. Many mainstream Country Radio stations are including our music in their format and playlists. The reason for this is because of the outstanding artists, musicians, songwriters, and promoters that have worked hard to release quality songs that truly bless the listening audience. 

Faith Country Band is a good example of the outstanding groups and bands that make our industry shine. Their hearts are to reach the non-believer through the message and musicianship of their recordings. Faith Country Band’s sound is not dated but is truly for the Country Music lovers of today. Their lyrics are simple, yet they will reach your soul. A great song is a song with a good story and performed by anointed story tellers. Faith Country Band has all those qualities. Their new release to radio “God’s Guitar” is outstanding. DJ’s, I believe you will want to add this song to your playlist. “God’s Guitar” on Canyon Creek Records Compilation Volume 58 is now out to radio. If you have not received this Compilation or this song, please call us at 903-566-3347 and we will make sure you get it. Always remember that God is love, so let God’s love show through you in all you do.