January 12, 2022

Jamie Hiscox "On the Water"


People all around the world are being impacted by this clarion call of faith- would you join in sharing "On the Water" with your sphere of influence?

Tragedy struck and I was given a gift to write.  My name is Jamie Hiscox and I have been writing music that speaks to the heart for 12 years now since my brother's sudden passing.  God has enabled me to speak to the heart of things through music.  My new song "On the Water" is a call to step out in faith to what God has called us to do.  It's a clarion call to believers that we must be people of faith. As I continue to take a step out on the water with writing and recording music, I believe will have eternal rewards I look forward to those who will partner with me on this journey.  This music gets right down to business and addresses the things that many want to overlook.  I hope many are blessed by this music.


Jamie Hiscox