January 6, 2022

Mickey Bell to Host New Syndicated Radio Program – “Throw Back Gospel”

Mickey Bell – stand-up comedian, host, writer, speaker, and all-around-encourager – can now be heard weekly on the newly released syndicated radio program, “Throw Back Gospel.”

Other syndicated programs within the industry play the latest song releases and feature their songs in a countdown format, “Throw Back Gospel” puts the focus on the great songs of our past.  Each week, the show picks a month and year and plays the music that was charting during that time period.  In addition to the music, host Mickey Bell will also highlight the events that was taking place in our world while this music was being played.

“Today’s artists are releasing some great music but we have had strong and impactful songs that got us to where we are today.” Bell states. “We are not ignoring the new but we are taking two hours each week just to keep those hits from the past alive for today’s audiences.”

Listeners who are unable to find a station near them are able to visit the show website to hear this up-tempo approach each week.

Station Managers are able to receive this 2-hour show each week for FREE!

For show demo, visit https://www.ThrowBackGospel.com