January 14, 2022


Husband & Wife Duo Danny and Alice Overholt known as Rescued has partnered once again with Millennium Music Group to distribute the couple’s latest single to radio. Their new song “Holes” is an incredible song that has blessed all who hears it. The song was written by another husband & wife duo Rocky and Gail Smith. Call your favorite Christian radio stations and request “Holes” by Rescued on MMG Comp # 113   

Rescued / Danny & Alice Overholt

DANNY OVERHOLT – I was born in Knoxville, TN. and raised in a non-Christian home. My grandfather was a moonshiner, so I began to drink at an early age. I played music in the clubs as a teenager and then enlisted in the army and that is where I was introduced to drugs and was an addict by my early twenties. I was miraculously saved at twenty-five and was called to preach shortly after.

I traveled and sang with two other groups but in 2001 joined Heart to Heart and then in January 2018, we changed our name to Rescued. We continue to travel and minister as Rescued and enjoy telling everyone we meet about Jesus! I do preaching dates, as well as, a disaster relief ministry called Rescue One, where I give aid in the aftermath of storms, floods and hurricanes and love being the “hands and feet” of Jesus!!

ALICE OVERHOLT I was born in a little town called Greeneville, TN. I was raised going to church and my sweet daddy was the first one who ever told me about Jesus. I was saved at 8yrs old and loved going to church and singing and sang in youth choir! Shortly after, my father left the church and his walk with God, so even though he didn’t take me to church, I would get up on Sunday mornings and walk the almost 1 mile to church. At 13yrs old, we left my hometown and moved to Knoxville, TN. when my parents divorced. I was out of church basically from 13yrs old until I came back to the Lord at 31yrs old…that’s a long time that God’s mercy kept me! When I knelt down and asked Him back into my heart and life, I knew I had come home!

I started singing with Heart to Heart, then a quartet, in 2000. We only sang locally and in 2002, became a duet, when two of our members retired. Heart to Heart traveled as a duo for the next 7 years. We once again, became a trio in 2009 with the addition of Neta Province and began to travel extensively ministering, as we still do today. It is most definitely one of the greatest joys, to spread Jesus to the lost and hurting!

We as a group, decided to change our name in January 2018 to “Rescued’ for several reasons. It is wonderful to see how the name change has been embraced. Though our name may have changed, our vision has not, and that is to see lives touched and souls saved!!

Millennium Music Group

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