February 1, 2022

Brent Hutchens

Most of us when we think of Jesus, we think of the risen Savior that saved the world from the bondage of sin. We forget that being born of flesh just like us, His life on earth was filled with many of the same everyday responsibilities that we all have.  His occupation wasn’t as a preacher but a carpenter.  Jesus the man wasn’t a beggar, He worked and earned a living the same way we all have to.  Brent Hutchens fills in many of the blanks about our Savior’s life as a carpenter and others that He shared the same trade with.  Like Joseph the carpenter that built the cradle for his earthly son baby Jesus and the carpenter that made the cross that Jesus was crucified on.  Brent Hutchens new release to radio “Three Carpenters” is a well written song by songwriter Jarrod Nichols.  Brents outstanding vocals and storytelling ability gives us another outlook on the life and crucifixion of Jesus and how God commissioned simple carpenters to fulfill His prophecy. “Three Carpenters” by Brent Hutchens is now at radio on Canyon Creek Records Compilation Volume 59.