February 23, 2022

Gaither Vocal Band On Why the Messages of Songs Are More Important than Styles


Gaither Vocal Band has just released their brand-new album Let's Just Praise the Lord. Produced by group founder and bass singer Bill Gaither and award-winning Nashville musician Gordon Mote, Let's Just Praise the Lord brings stirring vocal performances and reverent arrangements to beloved modern-day gospel classics such as "My Chains Are Gone," "10,000 Reasons," "Revelation Song" and more.

In choosing the songs for this album, the band looks for tracks that have messages that are theologically solid. "There are times in our lives when God shows up and we don't have words," stated Gaither.

"We need something musically that can unite us and bring us together, and we search for the right words. In the old days it was 'Kumbaya,' And I remember a time when it was 'Hallelujah.' An older generation did it with 'Blessed Assurance,' and the younger generation found words with songs like 'How Great Is Our God.'"

"Styles come and go. What is cool and hip today is going to be outdated tomorrow, but the lyrics and the messages of some songs will remain. This project has been a wonderful opportunity for us to look at powerful songs over recent years with those kinds of messages-songs like `10,000 Reasons'--that will likely be around long after we are gone...songs that bring us together-young and old. Too many things divide us. We hope these songs can build bridges within the body of Christ." 

The first singles "Reckless Love," "Oh, Can You See It" and "Revelation Song" have been featured prominently across digital streaming platforms, including Spotify's New Music Friday Christian and Top Christian & Gospel playlists and Apples' Essentials branded lists. "Reckless Love" charted on Pandora's Weekly Thumbs Up chart, transcending genre boundaries with a presence across worship stations.