February 1, 2022

Randy Day


Randy has a brand-new release now at radio “The Casual Christian”. This is a song of truth. It is a song that many can relate to and in some cases will make most of us realize the lyrics might be about us. This will be the third song we have released on Randy Day and this release is from his newest album titled “Lessons I Have Learned.” Randy tells me the front cover is a picture of his dad and his dog when he was a young boy. It is a great looking cover. People say Randy looks just like his dad. Every song on this album is great and every song is written by Randy. This is a CD you must have if you are a Christian music lover. The single “Casual Christian” is now out to radio on Canyon Creek Records Compilation Volume 59. We feel very blessed to promote this song for Randy and believe it is truly a great message song for Christian Country radio.