February 7, 2022

REAL Southern Gospel Records Introduces the Real Southern Gospel Quartet

Be watching and listening for a new group hitting the airwaves! Introducing the REAL Southern Gospel Quartet! This quartet is comprised of Johnny Parrack (formerly with the Heismen, and Kingsmen Qt), Tim Maze (formerly with the Singing Ambassadors, and Canaan’s Crossing), Terry Carter (Port City Qt, formerly with the Anchormen), and Darin Hebert (of the WIlliamsons). While this quartet will not be touring, they will be making some REAL Southern Gospel Music together!

Les Butler, the owner of the REAL Southern Gospel label stated, “It’s such a privilege to have such stellar talent to come together as one, the REAL Southern Gospel QT. As a label owner and producer, I couldn’t be more excited!”

Johnny Parrack added, “I remember my first recording session; I didn’t know a person there, not even the Kingsmen as it was my first day with them. It was a thrill then and I look at this recording as an honor and just as thrilling, because I don’t know a soul there… except Les.”