March 15, 2022

FOR KING + COUNTRY's "What Are We Waiting For?" is an International Smash

Multi-GRAMMY® winning duo FOR KING + COUNTRY's brand new What Are We Waiting For? has top the iTunes charts in their homeland Australia. The album has also taken the top position on the iTunes' charts in Singapore and South Africa. In the US, the album debut at #2 on iTunes, #3 in New Zealand, #4 in Canada, #8 in Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland.  

What Are We Waiting For? is the duo's fourth studio project. It features the talents of brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone, with 13 new original tracks that confront relevant issues and confirm the duo's commitment to community, unity and family. Set against a sonic backdrop painted by the Platinum-selling group's lush, vivid pop, the collection features cameos from Dante Bowe, Kirk Franklin and Tori Kelly.

"The last two years have been very unique for all of us," says Luke. "It's been a strange time. Going through struggle, you end up asking yourself some interesting questions like 'What am I doing with my life?' 'What do I want to be known for?' 'What am I living for?' I think the phrase, What Are We Waiting For? encompasses the meaning behind this album."

Joel Smallbone adds, "The last few years have taken us from wondering what was happening, to worrying. This album was a way to look at and write about - from a family perspective, from a spiritual perspective, and from a global perspective - this global suffering that we've all walked through. Our hope is that this title means something slightly different to each of us. This album is an opportunity for us, together, to get moving together again into what we believe is a very bright future."