March 24, 2022

Gospel Music Fanfair Welcomes The Hinson Family

Gospel Music Fanfair welcomes The Hinson Family, Wednesday Night, May 11, 2022, at The Center for Rural Development, Somerset KY.

The Hinson Family is an award-winning Gospel Music Trio that hails from Nashville, TN. The heritage for The Hinson Family runs deep with Weston Hinson, lead singer, being the son of legendary lead vocalist for The Original Hinsons, the late Kenny Hinson. Kenny is regarded as one of the greatest singers of all time and is a major influence of many in the gospel music field as well as in mainstream country music. The Original Hinsons began in Freedom, CA on December 12, 1967 and blazed a trail in gospel music that still burns to this day. The Hinsons were known for a high energy and dynamic presentation during their concerts and are responsible for such songs as “The Lighthouse,” “Hallelujah Meeting,” “That I Could Still Go Free,” “Call Me Gone,” and many others.

The Hinson Family Today

Today, The Hinson Family continues in traditions of excellence and anointing that were begun over 50+ years ago. Weston’s colorful vocals are reminiscent of those of his late father’s yet he also blends his own style and influences. In addition, Weston is a musician, contributing with guitar as well as piano to the group. Christy, Weston’s wife, is the soprano for The Hinson Family as well as the main songwriter. Christy has been singing gospel music since she was 15 years old and comes from a lineage of gospel music and songwriting as well. During the 1970s and 80s, Christy’s family traveled through Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana as another high impact country gospel group called “The Harvest Masters.” The Harvest Masters and The Hinsons often performed together, and Kenny Hinson even produced an album for them in 1978. The alto of the group, Jordan, is Christy and Weston’s daughter and has been singing with the family full-time since April of 2013. “Jordy,” as she’s known by those close to her, is also a songwriter with a song to her credit titled “You’re Forgiven” released on The Hinson Family’s latest album “The Light Just Came On."

18th Annual Gospel Music FanFair,  May 9 - 14, 2022 Center For Rural Development,  2292 U.S. Hwy 27,  Somerset, Kentucky 42501

Six days and nights of live Gospel music, fellowship, and family fun! 

 Morning Worship, Artist Showcases, Meet & Greets, Matinee and Evening Concerts.

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