March 4, 2022

Selah Declares the Hope of Jesus' Victory with "Jesus Victorious (Jezus Overwinnaar)"

This week, CCM's Selah bless us with a new single that was originally birthed in the Netherlands and that declares the hope of Jesus' victory. Their new single "Jesus Victorious (Jezus Overwinnaar)" originally written in the Netherlands by Mozaiek Worship. This international song reminds us of the beauty of what God is doing around the world and that He has overcome the world. 

ed by Amy Perry, this version of "Jesus Victorious" is an epic one, as her powerful vocals glide on the expansive musical background. This song has been an anchor and a very personal one to hold on to for Amy as has been on a journey towards health.

"Listening to the melody and the original version was so powerful and beautiful. I knew it'd be a song I could grab hold of, and it's ministered to me so much over the last year," she says. We hope 'Jesus Victorious' will also minister to people all over the world. The song is part of Selah's upcoming international EP through which they will share the stories of the original writers, and why the message of these songs is larger than any nation or language could contain.