March 24, 2022

Wilds And Associates and Great American Gospel

Wilds And Associates and Great American Gospel Introduces 

New “Game-Changing” Media Plan For Artists

Artists Videos to Reach 500 TV Networks, 200 Charting Radio DJ’s, Churches, Pastors, Promoters

12-Month Artist Media Distribution No Contract

2 Video Singles Staged, Filmed & Edited for Artist

Video Singles Distributed to 500 TV Networks

Radio & Video Singles Sent to 200 Charting Radio DJ’s

Videos Singles Sent to 30,000 Pastors & Promoters

Airplay on Great American Gospel Radio 75 Stations

Nationally Televised Toll-Free Booking Number

Great American Online Product Store

Great American Video Chart Christian Voice 

3-Weekly Television Programs on Artist Website

Contact Randall Wilds for more info: (205) 662-4826 office (205) 270-0538 cell