March 30, 2022

Wilds And Associates Welcomes Dixie Revival To Gospel Music FanFair

Gospel Music FanFair welcomes Dixie Revival, May 9-14, 2022, to The Center for Rural Development, Somerset KY.


According to old Mr. Webster it is a renewed attention to or interest in something; a new presentation of something old; a period of renewed religious interest; and an often highly emotional evangelistic meeting or series of meetings.

Matthew (Matt) Branch, Holly Robinson-Branch and Stephen Robertson: Three incredibly talented entertainers who all started musical journeys at a young age. They were all raised by supportive parents who planted seeds of faith and encouraged performing in church. 

While they all could give us lengthy biographies of all the things they've done professionally, legends they've performed beside on stages across America, and accolades given for their accomplishments in perfecting their craft, eventually they'd cross paths to become the talent-packed conglomerate we call Dixie Revival.

All Gaston County, North Carolina natives, the trio started down the country music road back in 2012 together, creating the 2-time Carolina Music Award winning vocal band known as Dixie Still. They toured consistently through 2015, until the band made the decision to focus more on the recording side of the music business. Matt & Holly had just taken over management of Son Sound Music Group and Tire Swing Records in Bessemer City, North Carolina where they'd turn their focus on helping other artists with the production of their music.

The love of performing and the love of music is a concoction, once it is in the blood, the "calling" of the stage never goes away. After several years away from the music stage, the trio is "revived" to share their blessings, struggles, and testimonies among so many of today that are desperately searching for something of encouragement. With deep Southern, Christian roots, led by that desire to encourage others, the trio is bringing a positive faith-based, country music message to churches, community events, and family-friendly venues.

Dixie Revival is Holly Robinson-Branch, Matthew (Matt) Branch and Stephen Robertson. 

Matt Branch grew up in Plymouth, NC where his dad, the Reverend Sherman Branch, Jr. pastored Hope Freewill Baptist Church. It was here, playing and singing in dad’s church, that Matt found his love for music. Soon Matt would spread out his wings to other churches and events in the area. A family move back to Gaston County, NC would bring the start of the Contemporary Christian band known as, No Compromise. During this time, Matt would meet Holly Robinson for the first time. Matt also would start planting his country music roots a few years later forming a band with some close friends known as Coldshot. God has been at work molding friendships and relationships to bring everyone together for a long time.

Beginning at the very early age of eight, Holly Robinson-Branch started performing in churches with her dad always there to run sound. She has been singing gospel music most of her life. Holly's talents led her grandfather, Bill Robinson and her dad, Mike Robinson to eventually become the owners of Son Sound Studios. As a solo artist, Holly was the youngest artist in SGMA history to have a song in the industry’s Top 40. Later on, Holly was also part of the Southern Gospel trio, 3 For 1, alongside Brad Hudson, Trenton Wood and later on, Stephen Robertson, who travelled full-time across the United States. Matt and Holly's paths would cross several times over the years, eventually becoming husband and wife, as well as parents to Nevaeh, Rylie, Preston, and the newest member to this beautiful family, Coleman.  In addition to owning and operating Son Sound Studios, Matt and Holly are worship leaders at Living Word Ministries in Lowesville, NC. 

Stephen Robertson, hails from Mt. Airy, NC (Mayberry, USA). Like his two friends, he also grew up singing for special occasions in church. He was always focused on learning all he could from his favorite singers. Holly recalls seeing Stephen at about every 3 For 1 concert in his local area over the years they performed. When one the member of 3 For 1 decided to go a different way, Stephen auditioned for the group and easily got the job! Having unmatched vocal capabilities, Stephen’s music reflects on country roots and his faith upbringing. He has an incredible list of performers he has shared the stage with over his years of travelling. Stephen is also a solo artist signed to Tire Swing Records and is part of the worship team at Hope Community Church, Cana, VA. He is married to Brandi Robertson who is also Dixie Revival's merchandise manager and helps with their website and social media. They have a daughter, Bailey.

As you can see, all members of the group have been successful, in their own rights. Together, they are unstoppable in producing and performing great music that will last for generations. Dixie Revival is where it is today due to their passion and professionalism. Respectfully the trio, independently and collectively, has more than paid their dues. Paying their dues is the countless hours spent perfecting already exceptional talents to be the very best that they can possibly be. Humble in shortcomings, as well as in achievements, has served the group well in creating a remarkable dynamic. What others say, written by industry colleagues and fans alike, will authenticate the labor of love in making the vocal group, Dixie Revival. 

Eclectic backgrounds and the combined influences of rock, country, to southern gospel and contemporary Christian music has forged the sound that is Dixie Revival. Molding them into who they are, all members, have either grown up in church, played in church, or both. There have been some hurdles to overcome in trying to bridge the genres for those who may not otherwise listen to anything bearing the “Christian” label. The stereotypical church hymn barrier is a bit challenging, yet the recompence is amazing when Revival’s music is received with positive reassurance of making a difference.

 Dixie Revival’s new single is “Dash Between The Dates” from the album, The Extra Mile. It is one of those songs that makes you think about living, instead of merely existing. The band explains, “It is not about the date we are born or the date we die that defines us. It is all about how we live in the middle (the dash between the dates) and of the legacy we leave behind. The song pauses our racing minds to reflect on mortality, relationships, and time. In whatever ways time is spent, reminding that it is sacred and irreplaceable.”

Without delving too much into politics, collectively the group finds Religious views a bit daunting. Dixie Revival will say this much, “There are many religious people (not Christians) who take one look at the instruments we may have on stage and the fact that some members may have tattoos or a different hairstyle and make an assumption about our music and ministry without hearing our message. On the other side of the spectrum there are churches that have veered from the path of righteousness and caved to the new “normal” promoted by our society. We hold firm to our American values. One, of which is the freedom to live and express yourself as you wish, within the confines of The US Constitution and the law. Jesus himself hung out with the "misfits" in His time and if we as Christians could ever truly love and not judge or enable sinners we'd see revival like never before.” Well said, maybe Revival did delve a little bit!

Dixie Revival has a clear mission. Their mission is to continue on down this revival road making music and using music to reach as many folks as possible. Music can transform people in ways like nothing else. They will have succeeded in that mission if spirits are lifted, then most desired, if souls come to Jesus and find the light in Christianity. The trio’s wish is to move people in the way music was designed, or in the words of an unknown author, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a song is worth a thousand pictures.”

Dixie Revival is most definitely singing and living out the proper definition of revival – a new presentation of something old. Revival is sweeping the Southeast! A Dixie Revival!

18th Annual Gospel Music FanFair, May 9 - 14, 2022 Center For Rural Development,  2292 U.S. Hwy 27,  Somerset, Kentucky 42501

 Six days and nights of live Gospel music, fellowship, and family fun! 

 Morning Worship, Artist Showcases, Meet & Greets, Matinees  and  Evening Concerts.

For more information visit or call 205-662-4826