March 23, 2022

Zachary Ray Snapshot (Featuring Nathan Walters)

Zachary Ray developed a passion for music and singing at a young age. That passion for music led him to study vocal performance and music business at Berklee College of Music.

Zachary sees music as a tool that can be used to bring transformation and healing for people around the world. For 12 years, he’s been using the gift of music to teach and train aspiring musicians. 9 out of those 12 years he’s been living in India, using his experience and education to teach at Calcutta School of Music and start a company, Chaitown Creatives, to teach and train young musicians and vocalists. 

Zachary’s love for music and sharing his story through lyrics has led him back to songwriting and recording his original music, working alongside friends and artists like Jody McBrayer (Avalon), Nathan Walters (PlusOne), Angie Miller (Zealyn), and Brandon Bee. After being back in America for a few years to write and record more original music, he’s now back living with his family in Mumbai, India.

Zachary tells, "Snapshot is written about how our identity is found when we place ourselves into God’s story of what He’s doing in the world and what His plan is. Our identity is not found when we make ourselves the center of the story and either push God out or squeeze Him in. All of life is lived in front of God (coram Deo) and all of life is lived to image God (imago Dei). We have the incredible honor of being image-bearers and ambassadors of truth when we step out of the way we let His name shine. Occasionally we just need to get our heads out of the clouds and come back down to reality, keeping our main thing as followers of Jesus the main thing: to make His name famous."



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