April 5, 2022

Calvin Bridges Jesus Is Lord (Live)

Grammy Nominated and Stellar Award Winner Calvin Bridges is celebrated as a living Gospel legend! Calvin inspires countless listeners and is considered one of the most innovative Gospel singers of modern times. With a career spanning more than 30 years, Bridges performs around the world and has given gospel concerts and workshops in more than 20 countries. His personal conviction and faith shine most during live performances, which makes his music and ministry unforgettable


PBS National TV Event: Going Home To Gospel with Patti LaBelle;

Chicago Fest with Stevie Wonder; Oprah Winfrey Show

Michael Jordan Foundation Gala 1992/94; 1996 Olympic Games;

Millennium Dome-England; Umbria Jazz Festival-Italy;

The 26th Annual Grammy Awards telecast performing

his Grammy nominated hit composition, “Spread The Word” Oslo Spectrum;

American Cathedral; French American Center-Paris;

Berklee College of Music-Boston, MA.

People seemed captivated by the musical expression with joy. Catholics and Protestants alike were completely taken by the atmosphere that was created. Calvin Bridges & Chicago Praise Ensemble perform with a passion and purpose that urges us toward a goal... Spontaneous, with Joy! Maurice Cullaz, Music Critic-Paris, France.



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