April 25, 2022

Check Out the Wisecarvers' New Single "All I Got, All I Need"

Tennessee Gospel-singing family The Wisecarvers return with their brand-new single "All I Got, All I Need." The song's tale of reassurance and celebration moves through three featured vocalists, as Dustin Wisecarver sings the first verse and Chase the second, while its writer, Kaila, steps out front for the third and final stanza.

With energetic instrumental backing, spirited harmonies - and a gospel choir that takes you to church - all of the voices bring power to the message that when you've lost everything but you're faith, you still have the most important thing, as the chorus tells it:

"Jesus, You're all I got, (All I got)

Jesus, You're all I need (All I need)

Nobody else understands me, Lord

It's looking like it's You and me

Standing here face to face (Face to face)

It's us against the enemy (Us against the enemy)

Jesus, You're all I got

Jesus, You're all I need"

"We hope 'All I Got, All I Need' will remind listeners that when friends fail, plans fail, and even when we fail, and it's all down to us and Jesus, we have everything we need!" says Chase Wisecarver. "He is hope for the discouraged. He is the way when our plans have fallen through. He is forgiveness when we fall. Everything we need; He can provide. He's ALL we need and more!"