April 21, 2022


Legendary bass singer Tim Riley is currently in the hospital after suffering strokes this week. He was admitted on Monday, after symptoms and signs indicated problems. Today while preparing to be discharged from the hospital, he suffered another stroke. He’s currently in ICU as doctors monitor his condition. He is alert, able to follow commands, and can move his extremities. However, his speech has been affected and communication is difficult.

Danny Riley says, “We appreciate every prayer that is being sent up on Dad’s behalf. We are asking God to touch dad with healing and strength and to provide the doctors with wisdom as they plan a course of treatment for the future. We trust the Lord in every situation, and this is no exception. We are leaning on Him know He already has a plan.”

Any updates on Tim’s condition will be reported on Facebook as soon as possible. The Riley family respectfully requests no calls or texted to Tim or Danny at this time, as everyone is focusing their time and energy on Tim and his continued care.

Your prayers are greatly coveted and appreciated by the members of Gold City and the Riley Family