May 25, 2022

The 3 Heath Brothers Charge New Album "Into The Deep" with Youthful Energy

The 3 Heath Brothers, which comprises of Nicholas, Clayton, & Christian Heath, are back with their sophomore album. Into The Deep is scheduled to be released on July 15.

Produced by Roger Talley, the album places the brothers' youthful energy, sibling harmonies and appreciation for contemporary sounds in the service of the same truths that have inspired generations of Southern Gospel artists before them. The approach is announced right from the album's first notes, a swirling opening that leads into a boldly modern feel that underpins the album's title and cover theme:

I'm diving in, into the water

I'm swimming out, farther and farther

Where Jesus is calling me into the deep

Now I'm going in with Jesus

I'm going in all the way

From there to the closing number and next radio single, an anthemic reminder that "Jesus Is Coming Back" which seamlessly weaves in and out of the AndraĆ© Crouch classic, "Soon And Very Soon," Into The Deep offers a set that speaks to the Brothers' generation with an emphasis on bold, fresh sounds, new songs - including one written by the Brothers, another written by Nicholas himself, and two more from Nicholas, labelmate Kenna Turner West and Jason Cox - and lyrics that offer the eternal Gospel of hope, encouragement, worship and faith in contemporary language. Indeed, underlining the forward-looking nature of the Brothers' approach, only two of the eleven songs - John Peterson's "Oh Glorious Love" and "Love Won," both coming via The Talleys - have been previously recorded.  

"Some of these songs are serious and some are fun," note the Brothers. "Whether you are young or old, we hope that this record encourages your heart, gives you hope for the future, and inspires you to pursue a deeper relationship with God. We wrote five of these songs, but we don't create music to make a name for ourselves. We do what we do because we truly believe that at the end of the day, 'it's not about's all about Jesus.'" 

With a ministry that speaks with special clarity to an urgent task for today - reaching out to youth with the Word of Jesus in the musical terms they can best relate to - the 3 Heath Brothers have delivered a set that will both meet the needs of the moment and stand the test of time.