June 9, 2022

The McBride Family Signs with FMG Bluegrass


Les Butler and Family Music Group announce the signing of the McBride Family from Pisgah, Alabama to the FMG Bluegrass label. They will be joining Heaven’s Mountain Band and the Marksmen; two long-time artists on the label. 

Record label owner, Les Butler stated, “In the past few weeks we have lost some of the greatest writers in the history of Gospel Music. You cannot replace Dianne Wilkinson, Kyla Rowland and James Easter. But, for some reason, the Lord has allowed some of the greatest new songwriters in our industry to be a part of what we are doing here at BMG/FMG/Real Records. Heaven’s Mountain Band has Roger Johnson. The Marksmen has Mark Wheeler. The McBride Family has Brannigan McBride. These three write with an unusually strong anointing under the power of God.”

Butler continues, “The McBride Family resides in the Sand Mountain area of Alabama. Sand Mountain was home to icons like Vestal Goodman, Cat Freeman, Jake Hess, and other pillars in the Gospel Music community. In addition to Brannigan’s powerful writing, Hunter McBride is an exceptional musician, as well as vocalist.  Brannigan and Hunter’s singing and songs will bless many for years to come if the Lord tarries. I am blown away by their story. The 10 songs on our new FMG Bluegrass Label album, are the first 10 songs Brannigan ever wrote. She wrote them within a few days of each other. A few days after that, we were in the studio recording the album. The lyric, melody, meter, etc., sounds like songs that were written by a seasoned, award-winning veteran. There’s no doubt in my mind; this is the hand of God at work!”

The McBrides added, “We are honored and thankful to God that we get to work with such great people like Les Butler and Matt Butler and everyone at FMG. We believe wholeheartedly that God put us together with Bro. Les to help point souls to Jesus Christ. We can’t wait to see what God has planned.”

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To learn more about the McBride Family, visit them online at themcbridefamilymusic.com