July 8, 2022

Exclusive Song Premiere: The 3 Heath Brothers' "Oh Glorious Love"


The 3 Heath Brothers, which comprises of Nicholas, Clayton, & Christian Heath, are back with their sophomore album. Into The Deep is scheduled to be released on July 15. Produced by Roger Talley, the album places the brothers' youthful energy, sibling harmonies and appreciation for contemporary sounds in the service of the same truths that have inspired generations of Southern Gospel artists before them.  

One of the album's highlights is their rendition of the Talley classic "Oh Glorious Love." 

With regards to "Oh Glorious Love," the brothers revealed how they came to record this classic. "We had a lot of energy growing up so our mom would corral that energy by teaching us to sing. She didn't play the piano, so we'd sit around the kitchen counter and sing a cappella songs.

"A big part of our journey to getting where we are today has been those a cappella hymns that have kept us grounded, and so when we were creating the Into The Deep album, we knew we couldn't release it without putting at least one a cappella song on there.

"We sing a lot of different kinds of music, but one thing we've never gotten away from is the message of hope and love through Jesus Christ. What makes 'Oh Glorious Love' even more special to us is the legacy of the song. It was recorded by our producer Roger Talley and his group (The Talley Trio) years ago, and we actually grew up hearing it. So, we thought what better way to carry on the legacy of a cappella music than to record this timeless classic written by John W. Peterson?"