July 5, 2022

Jay Humphreys Trio singer Cloe Humphreys is Engaged.

As the next generation of gospel music talent emerges, gospel music fans are getting to know the youth that will carry on our gospel music heritage. Cloe Humphreys is a third Humphrey generation that is sharing the gospel from the West Virginia mountains. 

As you talk to her you will find out her love of Jesus as she says it simply, “I am a follower of Jesus. I am a bible study leader, a singer of the gospel, I am a future teacher and Dog Mom. And Jacob Marler has my heart.”

For most of her life Cloe has struggled with hypothyroidism. Recently doctors had some concerns. Her endocrinologist recently sent her to a head and neck (ENT) specialist because they found nodules when an ultrasound was performed. At first, there was no concern because a needle biopsy came back benign. Fast forward 3 months, with a recent check-up and having another ultrasound performed her thyroid nodules had calcifications that were a concern to her doctors. Suspicions were thyroid cancer. The solution- to remove the thyroid gland, a thyroidectomy. In March 2022 she underwent surgery for approximately four hours with risks that her vocal cords could be paralyzed or could only speak a little above a whisper for the rest of her life.

 After surgery, recovery, rehab and just taking it easy, Cloe is back doing what she loves. With her continuing her education, she is more active than ever. Singing with the Jay Humphreys Trio, sharing her testimony of God’s healing touch and actively involved with church activities when not on the road and helping people.

During the June family vacation, the man who she has dated since high school, (for five years). Jacob Marler created the perfect moment to ask Cloe to marry. At the iconic Myrtle Beach boardwalk, Marler knelt down taking her hand asking would she be his wife? Stunned, elated and overjoyed, Cloe said yes.... oh yes! The family captured the picturesque moment just in time.

Cloe is set to graduate West Virginia State University in December 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Her fiancĂ©e is employed at Moses Ford in St. Albans, WV. They are planning a fall wedding in 2023.

 You can connect with Cloe Humphreys on Facebook or at JayHumphreysTrio.com

**In group photo, Cloe is center.