July 14, 2022

John Tibbs "Lay Your Head Down"

John Tibbs is a beloved artist in our genre, and he's BACK with a brand-new single "Lay Your Head Down," going for adds August 5, 2022! He's a hard-working indie with a strong and dedicated fan base, and many friends at radio. 
John has this to say about "Lay Your Head Down."
“I wrote this song after having lunch with a friend who was going through a divorce. He felt like his life was stalling out, and his anxiety had become overwhelming and disabling.

That night this song idea came to me. I was reminded of the scripture where God calls us to lie down in green pastures; to be restored. I think there are so many of us who are feeling overwhelmed these days. How could we not? I want to remind people of the hope and peace that Jesus offers each of us. He is a comfort and a friend. 

I truly hope that this song will encourage the listener and find its way to people who need to hear this message.”
Radio Promotion
Chris Hauser