July 11, 2022

Lauren Talley’s New Single “Lord’s Prayer” Gives Power to Familiar Words


In April, Horizon Records’Lauren Talley released “Shut Him Up,” her first song in almost two years. The high-energy song put a fresh twist on a familiar story and marked the beginning of a new era for the Gospel singer as she works on her first record as a full-time solo artist.

Now, Talley follows that with the release of another song, “Lord’s Prayer,” which shows another side of her multifaceted talents.

With an arrangement as simple, and yet as rich as the text it accompanies, “Lord’s Prayer” revisits the beloved invocation, setting each of its parts and themes to music that traces the prayer’s arc of faith and daily spiritual renewal. Talley’s moving vocal brings more power to the familiar words, highlighting the importance of prayer in a close relationship with God.

“In a world full of noise, it’s important to carve out a moment to stop and whisper, ‘Father in heaven, we love You,’” says Talley. “‘Lord’s Prayer,’ invites quiet worship and reflection, just my vocal supported only by producer Gordon Mote’s piano accompaniment. Natalie Cromwell’s haunting melody brings new beauty to the words of Jesus, as He gives us all the example to follow amidst all the distractions and busyness of life.”