October 14, 2022

Celebrated Songwriter Gina Boe Releases New Recording and Book


Two-time Dove award-winning songwriter and Sunset Gallery songwriter, Gina Boe has announced the release of a brand-new book, titled Hope Deserves An Anthem – One Creative’s Quest To Bring Light To Life’s Dark Places, which also features an accompanying CD.

Hope Deserves An Anthem marks the third book release from the author who has dedicated herself to mentoring creatives of all ages. Over the years she has provided many opportunities for creatives, like herself, to experience community. “I love creatives,” Boe has stated. “I believe each person has the capacity to bring beauty and meaning to the world in unique and important ways.”

God has greatly blessed this passionate creativity as Boe has been honored with two Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association, both for Children’s Musical of the Year. Additionally, she is the writer of two Number One hits, recorded by The Talley Trio and The Williamsons and has earned Dove Award nominations for Southern Gospel Song of the Year, Musical of the Year and Children’s Musical of the Year. Popular artists such as Mandisa, Darin & Brook Aldridge and Karen Peck & New River have all recorded songs penned by this talented writer. 

Boe has a unique ability to use songs and the stories that inspire them to shine a light of hope on the moments in life when we wonder if the darkness will ever lift. Her honesty, humor and belief in the power of creativity during times of crisis inspires others to discover their own artistry. She compels others to use their creative gifts to offer hope to others. “I love creating,” Boe says. “The writing room is my happy place.”

With this latest creative effort, Boe chronicles how she has faced life’s toughest seasons, including her recent battle with breast cancer, armed with a pen and a piano. “I hope these stories and songs bring sustenance to the soul of each reader and listener,” Boe relates. “I hope the words will make each person laugh and cry and feel, as well as remind us all that there is always light in dark places.”

Hope Deserves An Anthem, gives the meaning of hope the anthem it deserves and in doing so, it’s message brings light and life to a world that so desperately needs it. It is a true message of encouragement during the difficult days that we often face.

Hope Deserves An Anthem is available worldwide, and wherever fine Christian books and music are sold, including christianbook.com, barnesandnoble.com, and amazon.com. 

About Gina Boe

Gina Bow is a writer of songs, books and blogs, as well as a singer and speaker. She is a Dove Award winning songwriter with multiple adult and children’s musicals to her credit,  Number 1 songs and songs recorded by artists in a variety of genres. She has dedicated herself to mentoring creatives of all ages. She has authored What If They Fly? Raising Creative Kids to Believe The Can Soar and co-authored Adventures In Songwriting with her friend and frequent co-writer, Sue Smith. She and her husband, erry, make their home in Nebraska with their four children, two dogs and one cat.