October 26, 2022

Reviving Dayvid’s debut Album “OPENED UP” named 2022 Christian/Gospel/Inspirational Album of the Year

In Nashville, Tennessee, on October 23, 2022, the iconic Grand Ole Opry House hosted the 8th Annual Josie Music Awards. The JMAs are one of the most coveted and esteemed honors in the independent music industry and the largest, most well-known independent award show organization in the world.  Amazing performances and unexpected guests, including Jeannie Seely, Tim Atwood, The Malpass Brothers, Claudette King (daughter of BB King), The Goldens, and a long list of others, filled the night. On this unique night, over 3,000 individuals from various walks of life and musical genres joined together to honor one another. Among the list of JMA recipients was NashTown Entertainments Artist Reviving Dayvid, who took home the coveted 2022 Christian/Gospel/Inspirational Album of the Year for their debut album “OPENED UP”. 

We caught up with Reviving Dayvid and spoke with them about this incredible honor.

NE: What Emotions came to mind when your name was announced as the winner?

RD Answer: There was already a lot of energy in the room, and this really added to excitement. As a songwriter and artist all you could want is for someone to feel the message and the music that you create.

NE: What inspired you to create this album?

RD Answer: Knowing that there are others in the world that have gone through something, and music can pull us all together to share real life experience through not just the music itself but also a message and story. People able to connect to other people is a key driving force.

NE: What would you like to say to your fans?

RD Answer: Never give up on yourself. Your life has a purpose that you often can't see right now.

NE: Do you have anyone you want to thank?

RD Answer: Certainly, want to thank my Heavenly Father. Secondly everyone that contributed to the success of the album. From the producer to the mixing and master engineer all the studio musicians, Co-writers, assistants, album artwork designer and promotional company.

NE: What advice can you give an aspiring artist?

RD Answer: Don't define your success with money or fame. Define your success with how you can help people feel something

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