October 31, 2022

The Wisecarvers Release New Single – “Stay Home”

For their fourth single of the year for Horizon Records, The Wisecarvers have chosen the moving “Stay Home,” delivering a heartfelt plea in a musical setting that ranges from hushed and intimate to majestic and back again.  Opening guitar and hushed strings set the tone for a delicate vocal from songwriter Kaila Wisecarver, as she offers empathy, understanding — and a warning that extends into the chorus:

So you say, you’re thinking of walking away

But it sure ain’t because you didn’t try

You’re telling me, you just need to breathe

And take a little break for a while

But once you go out wondering there’s no guarantee

You’ll have the chance to make it back to where you need to be

So stay home, stay here

I know that way looks so much better

But your vision isn’t clear

‘Cause it ain’t, what it seems

The devil’s always painting pictures

Framing up your hopes and dreams

Your Father’s gonna miss you if you’re gone

So please, stay home

As the arrangement unfolds and expands, Kaila’s voice turns stronger, echoing the lyric’s encouraging theme, revealed in a creative call-and-response-like passage that precedes the final chorus and closing plea:

Stay home (Don’t leave the safety of His arms, there is nothing more)

Stay home (You could run for a thousand miles and find, He’s still the open door)

“The idea for this song came from a message our Pastor gave one evening,” Kaila Wisecarver recalls. “It was a heartfelt plea. Stay home. Please. Stay with Jesus. Stay with the One that will never leave or forsake you. That’s the heart behind this song. Life, even the Christian life, gets hard. We try our best. We pray, we cry. We get tired, lonely, hurt; and sometimes we think it would just be easier to go a different way. But there is no better way. He is the ONLY way to forgiveness, joy, peace and love. Stay with Jesus. Stay home where you’re safe and you’re loved. His Word says that HE is our peace. HE is love. You see, in His arms we are home. So, I encourage you today to ‘Stay Home.’