January 12, 2023

Violet Maynard Family Announces New Members Kendra Kent and Jacob Richter

When Violet Maynard and her son Joshua decided to name their latest project “A New Season”, they didn’t know what God had planned for them. 

Violet’s daughter, Holly, had decided to come off the road, and they knew they were going into a new season of ministry.  They spent time in prayer and then began preparing for a new project.  This project would become a labor of love.  Violet and Joshua began gathering songs for the project and co-wrote several of the songs recorded. This new project also gave Joshua an opportunity to present his vocal and instrumental skills.

 Violet and Joshua are once again in “a new season” with the addition of the multi-talented Kendra Kent from Zanesville Ohio.  

Violet states “We have known Kendra and her family for a number of years. We have worked together on many occasions. And, I have been blessed to be a mentor in her solo ministry. We have been discussing the possibility of joining together for quite some time.  We agreed to pray about it. And, we knew that if it was in God’s will, it would all fall into place.”

Kendra adds “It is an honor to be a part of this new season with the Violet Maynard Family. I am excited to link arms with such a great, God loving family to speak Jesus to the world. A few years ago, God brought our families together. Little did I know at the time it would lead to a special friendship, mentorship and now combined ministry.”

Violet continues “Josh and I are also excited to have Jacob Richter from Cambridge Ohio join us.  He, too, has a heart for ministry and will be a great addition to the group.”

Violet concludes “Kendra and Jacob join us on the road in March, 2023. I am so honored to be working with Joshua, Kendra and Jacob. It is such a blessing to see their love for the Lord and for what they are called to do…for what we are called to do. We look forward to sharing our ministry with all of you.”

For booking information, contact Violet Maynard at violetmaynardfamily@gmail.com. www.violetmaynard.com