April 27, 2020

Beyond Walls Gospel Radio (BWGR) Station Launches New Interactive Website for Listeners to Connect with Christian Music and Sermons During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Founder and CEO
Elder Joseph McKenzie
Offers a Platform for Pastors and Artists to Gain Worldwide Exposure

In this scary and uncertain time, people are trapped at home practicing social distancing due to the new COVID-19 aka coronavirus pandemic. In most parts of the world, citizens are not able to attend their church services in a physical building. Not being able to worship, connect and interact with other church members can cause anxiety, depression and loneliness.

Beyond Walls Gospel Radio (BWGR) delivers 24/7 online programming via gospel formats in Contemporary and Urban Christian music; sermon ministries; highlights featured conference speakers; offers call-in requests and talk shows. BWGR broadcasts to audiences of diverse populations across the metro areas and around the world regardless of race or religion.

On May 1, 2020, the station will launch a new interactive website to allow listeners to connect and "plug in" to a church experience.

Defined as a visionary radio broadcasting station different than any other radio station in the Twin Cities, BWGR was birthed in 1999 from Founder and CEO Elder Joseph McKenzie's vision of preaching the gospel beyond the church walls and into prisons in the Twin Cities metro area and around the United States. McKenzie states, "Our vision is to empower pastors and leaders with streaming radio along with social media platforms that we utilize for expanding our media reach via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other video platforms as well."

McKenzie also states, "The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us as well as the Church that resent traditional trends in media has switched to internet traffic users with smartphones and tablet devices. Reaching new audiences with information or messages via mobile devices are the new methods of radio streaming with evangelism, sales and event marketing for churches and venues."

BWGR Radio Media Group is the marketing arm of BWGR and offers digital marketing services for entities that are looking to connect with those of interest to the gospel music and community. The station's underwriting and sponsorship department encourages pastors to stream their sermons and for artists to submit their music to gain worldwide exposure.

The interactive website will still be available after the pandemic. In the meantime, listeners can tune in now to listen to great music and sermons at www.bwgrradio.com.