September 21, 2021

Morgan White named Modern Country Female Artist of the Year at the 2021 Josie Music Awards.

Born in the southern coalfields of West Virginia, Morgan White is a singer songwriter who had already begun exhibiting a musical talent by the age of two. Mogan is no stranger to the Country Music scene, already with an impressive resume. Her new single TAKE ME was released on August 24th and is already climbing the Music Row Breakout Chart rapidly. 

Recently at the seventh annual Josie Music Awards, Morgan was honored to receive the award for 2021 Modern Country Female Artist of the Year. “I'm so excited to let people hear my new music!’ she stated. “I just want to be true to myself and to my fans. The Josie Music Awards is the largest internationally recognized independent award show organization and one of the most sought after and revered awards in the independent music industry. The award show took place on September 18th at the Country Tonight Theatre in Pigeon Forge TN to a sold-out crowd. Morgan continues to prove that the mountains of West Virginia hold many treasures. For more information on tour dates and to purchase Morgans latest music visit

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Eli Badillo "Never Let You Go"


My latest message, Never Let You Go, is a reminder that God's love will reach us even when we feel too far gone. Many of us have felt so unworthy of  forgiveness. To think that a perfect and holy God would even look at us after our failures or mistakes, is unimaginable. However, time and time again, His unwavering love embraces us and reminds us that He will never let us go!

Will you consider sharing this message of hope and forgiveness with your listeners?

Thank you so much!

A little bit about me..
I'm a singer-songwriter born in Boston, Massachusetts from Puertorican parents. My passion is to share Jesus to all I'm able to reach through my music. My songs express my heart and the gratitude I feel for His love reaching me. My latest single, Never Let You Go, was released in December 2020. My recordings also include: I Lift You Up, Grateful to You, Mira al Cielo (Look to Heaven), Paz (Peace), and Guerrero (Warrior).
Eliseo (Eli) Badillo Jr

The Freemans “God Walks In” is #1 in Christian Voice Magazine Southern gospel Charts for October.

Congratulations to The Freemans on their #1 Song, “God Walks In” from their latest project “Till The End.” “God Walks In” is #1 in Christian Voice Magazine Southern gospel Charts for October. Millennium Music Group is honored once again to work with The Freemans on his current radio release. “Please call your local Christian radio station to request the song on Millennium Music Group Comp #103

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Family harmony, powerful presence, and a timeless message made forever new. These are only a few of the rich gifts one can expect to experience when attending a concert or church service with The Freemans.

This family, deeply rooted in more than three decades of singing Southern Gospel Music, has many accolades and awards to add to their long list of accomplishments. They have recorded more than twenty five albums. Multiple DVDs featuring live concerts can be found on their legacy list. Over the course of their tenure, they have humbly enjoyed the success of seven number one songs on the Singing News charts as well as over twenty Top 10 songs. In 2010, “Three Rugged Crosses” was voted Song of the Year by the Singing News Fan Awards. This song continues to be requested at every concert, every night. 

 Darrell, now the patriarch of the family, began his journey when he was only 13 years old, singing with his family, known then as The Pathways from Sandusky, Ohio. At the age of 20, he met the love of his life, Chris Hawkins who, at the time, had spent seven years making her own mark upon the world with the infamous Hinsons. During her tenure there, she would be voted the Queen of Gospel Music twice in a row in 1976 and 1977. Darrell fell in love with the beauty, the voice, and the spirit of the lady who he has called his bride for over thirty years. Their marriage is firmly planted in the commitment of their love relationship with God and with one another. Both Darrell and Chris will quickly tell you they are each other's best friend.  

They have imparted their gifts of music and servant leadership to their amazing children, Misty and Caylon, who both travel full time with their family.  Misty now has a family of her own with her husband, Bryce, and Adelaide and the newest addition, Lincoln. Caylon is enjoying the benefits of his calling and career as an accomplished musician, devoted band member, and singer as well.  Both are committed followers of the Christ they sing about each night. Misty and Caylon each bring their own unique and diverse style to this powerhouse family sound. They are certainly a product of their family's heritage, giving 100% to everything they endeavor to do.  

Joe Freeman, Darrell's cousin, brings the fullness of The Freemans full circle. Joe is an amazing keyboardist and has a distinctive voice which blends perfectly with every song The Freemans sing. He solidifies what every gospel music lover waits to hear, harmony at a premium. His gentle spirit and genuine heart are truly one of a kind. 

With half a lifetime behind them, their best days are yet ahead. They leave their home in Nashville every weekend with the full assurance that they are operating in God's perfect plan for their lives. When you meet them, when you hear them raise the roof with their songs, you know immediately that you have stepped into a realm where God resides and life is celebrated at a premium. An evening with The Freemans is an evening filled with excitement, joy, passion, and anointing. The Freemans give their very best every time, all the time. To experience this family is to enjoy a slice of musical life at its best.

September 20, 2021

Story Behind The Lore Family's "The World Needs a Song"

The Lore Family, which consists of Darren, Sandy and their two children, Fayth and Samuel, have released their brand new song "The World Needs a Song." Written for these times when the world is faced with so much disappointments and brokenness, "The World Needs a Song" speaks of how the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what truly brings joy. Songwriter Darren Lore has taken the time to talk about how the song came about.  

"In the early months of 2020, Bev Herema, Dixie Phillips and I met on a Zoom conference to co-write. This was our first attempt at writing as a team, and after talking a while about our families and the effects that the pandemic was having on us, we decided to get busy on finding a theme for a new song.

I asked the ladies if I could offer up a word of prayer for our writing session, and as I was praying, I asked the Heavenly Father to use our talents to write something that would bring hope to the suffering. I prayed, 'Father, the world needs a song right now more than ever. Help us to write a song to encourage and uplift those who are  overwhelmed and discouraged.'

When I finished praying, all three of us zeroed in on one phrase I prayed. It was as if the Spirit had dropped the hook in our ears!" 

The result is a joyous celebration of the power of music when it's placed in service to the Lord.  As the rousing chorus puts it:

The world needs a song

Filled with mercy and hope

An anthem of joyfulness

Moving in the soul

A melody that's rising up

When everything goes wrong

The world, oh the world needs a song

"The world does need a song," Lore concludes. "Let's invite the broken, the burdened and the bruised to join our happy band. It's time to get our hands clapping and our feet moving to a higher call. There's room in our choir for the world to join in! 'So come on, come on and sing along!'"

September 17, 2021

Steve Hess Returns To Perform At The Ark Encounter After Suffering Major Stroke


On the morning of May 11th, 2021, prior to that days regular concerts at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY, Steve Hess suffered a major stroke.  Steve spent the next 4 weeks in an intensive care unit at the UK Hospital in Lexington, including 4 days on a ventilator. The medical staff informed Steve’s family that he was fortunate to have survived the stroke and would more than likely not regain his ability to walk. Those were some touch-and-go weeks for Steve as he faced health complications and underwent several emergency medical procedures. Steve progressed enough  during that first month to move to a rehab facility for 5 weeks with a beginning status at "zero mobility".

Steve continued to progress in his rehabilitation and was released to his home where he continued to pray and work on his progress, determined to return to the stage at the Answers Center Theater and rejoin the group, Southern Salvation.

On September 16th, just a little over 4 months after suffering a major stroke, Steve Hess walked onto the stage and performed “Through It All” with Southern Salvation. Steve and the group finished the afternoon concert with CEO and Ark Founder, Ken Ham, accompanying them on piano for several hymns and choruses. 

Steve wanted to share this about his return, “I already felt so blessed to be in the resident artist position at the Ark Encounter and be involved with such a great ministry for the past few years. After suffering a major stroke, I feel blessed beyond measure to have my life restored, to have my ability to walk and to have my ability to sing.The feeling of gratitude I have to be able to return to The Ark and continue spreading God’s Word is more than I’m able to fully express or put into words. All I can say is I am blessed and to God be the glory!"

Tribute Quartet Releases Special Album, Once Again

Tribute Quartet (Tribute) is releasing Once Again.  The album celebrates the group’s 15th year in ministry and features re-recordings of Tribute’s biggest hits with new group members Ian Owens (bass) and Gus Gaches (tenor). 

 “We’ve been extremely blessed to have a library of incredible songs to fall into our laps over the last decade and a half,” shares Gary Casto. “To reacquaint ourselves with them again has been exciting, to say the least. We’ve witnessed countless lives changed and impacted through these timeless songs of truth. To re-record and release them to the public is a wonderful feeling.”

Dusty Wells, director of artist and label relations for Daywind Records adds, “We are so excited to be able to offer this newly re-recorded, mixed, and mastered project, Once Again, from our friends, Tribute Quartet. This incredible project includes one of the group’s most popular recordings from 15 years ago, "Good News From Jerusalem.” Gary, Josh, Ian, and Gus went back into the studio and recorded new vocals, and the project sounds so fresh and new! Their fans and friends are going to love this collection of timeless songs that have not been available in years. Great songs live on, and this project will prove that once again.” 

Once Again is available September 17, 2021, at your favorite Christian music retailer,, and wherever fans download or stream music.

Daywind Music Group is home to an award-winning roster of artists including Adam Crabb, Blackwood Brothers, Brian Free & Assurance, Crabb Family, Greater Vision, High Road, Jim & Melissa Brady, Joseph Habedank, Karen Peck & New River, LeFevre Quartet, Michael Booth, Nelons, The Sound, Southbound, Tim Menzies, Tribute Quartet, and Wilburn & Wilburn. Daywind is distributed to retail through New Day Christian Distributors and the Orchard, covering all major physical, digital, and streaming outlets.

Media Contact
Nicole Gregory
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The Journeys - “Just the Way I Am” By: Marcie Gray


Chapel Valley releases another heart-stirring song, sung by The Journeys. This mother/son duo gives audiences all over the nation a candid look at how God can use someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder to touch lives in a powerful way. As Ben unapologetically sings, “God knows my name by heart. You look at me and you may see someone who’s not like you might be, but God made me just the way I am,” the message is unmistakable. God has a plan and a purpose for every single life He has created.

Donna Journey shared, “Shane Roark called me and said, I took my kids to school this morning and God gave me a song for Ben. The song is titled, ‘Just the Way I Am.’ It was as if Shane had taken a pen or a pencil and literally sketched Ben.” Shane said, “This song fits Ben so perfectly, but the words apply to each and every one of us. We are wonderfully made and every one of our lives was created with a purpose. God doesn’t make mistakes. It is our own humanness that sometimes causes us to be blinded by the beauty of our unique individualism.”

Psalm 139 paints a beautiful image of how unique each life is and how intentional God’s plan was for each and every one of us – even before we were conceived! His word says that He knit us together in His womb and we are fearfully and wonderfully made. As Donna and her son, Ben sing praises to their Maker, the message is unmistakable. There is never an excuse for us not to praise Him.

In 1994, Greg and Donna Journey welcomed their beautiful son, Ben into this world. As Ben grew, it became clear that he struggled to communicate with other children and at age two-and-a-half, Greg and Donna were devastated to receive the news that their son was Autistic and would not communicate verbally. Their miracle… their perfect son… this child they had hopes and dreams for, was not what some would consider “normal.” Ben has verbally expressed his commitment to Jesus Christ. He knows the Savior he sings to! Ben loves to sing and play piano, acoustic and electric guitar, and banjo.

The Journeys have been nominated “Sunshine Duet of the Year” for the 2021 Diamond Awards. Their new CD “He is Able” released on September 14th. Learn more about The Journeys online at: or on their Facebook page.

Chapel Valley Contact:

Marcie Gray, Publicist –

Artist Contact:  Donna Journey –

September 16, 2021

Samuel Rodriguez Hopes His New Book Will Help Those Who Are Suffering to "Persevere with Power"

Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and #1 Los Angeles Times bestselling author, will release his newest book, Persevere with Power: What Heaven Starts, Hell Cannot Stop (Chosen Books), Tuesday, Oct. 5. In Persevere with Power, Rodriguez examines the trials, temptations and triumphs of Old Testament prophets Elijah and Elisha and applies the lessons they learned to modern-day believers' circumstances.

"In this book we will take a hard look at what it means to persevere with power - to walk in the confidence that hell cannot stop the prophetic anointing that God has placed on your life," Rev. Samuel Rodriguez writes in the introduction. "Put another way, you will learn how to keep your hand to the plow spiritually. If you are willing to do this, to push your plow spiritually, then you can know that God's mantle of anointing and power is waiting for you. And when God's mantle rests on your shoulders, then nothing or no one can stop you!"

 Each chapter of Persevere with Power shows readers how to:

Remain faithful to God and experience His power and provision

Discover God's guidance for the time and season they are in

Learn how the plow of perseverance always leads to a mantle of promotion

Get their family, their spiritual hunger and their dream back

What others are saying about Persevere with Power:

"The cancer journey I've been on, plus the COVID lockdown, have been serious challenges to my momentum in service. Thank you, Sammy Rodriguez, for your fascinating insights into Elijah and Elisha, as well as the richness of your teaching, that have encouraged me to persevere with power. This is a book I will re-read and share with others."

-Anne Graham Lotz

Author, Jesus in Me

"Samuel colorfully illustrates that when we infuse the 'Anointed Antibodies' of the Spirit against the infection of sin and failure, we become fully 'equipped to overcome, to defeat, to conquer and to triumph over the enemy.' A profound and timely book that is sure to help you persevere with power."

-Matthew Crouch

Trinity Broadcasting Network

"Samuel Rodriguez shines a light on two Old Testament prophets who God used and blessed because they were obedient to God's clarion call in the midst of a corrupt society.  Readers will be captivated as they learn what God can do through those who faithfully take up the mantle of God's leading and persevere with power."

-Franklin Graham

President and CEO, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Samaritan's Purse

"In 'Persevere with Power,' my good friend Rev. Rodriguez provides a blueprint for overcoming that should inspire us all. Although we find ourselves in challenging and desperate times, he proves through this book that we are not without hope! This is a must-read for everyone who needs a reminder that we are not fighting for victory; we are fighting from victory."

-Pastor Nona Jones

Head of Faith Partnerships, Facebook

Best-selling Author, "Success from the Inside Out" and "From Social Media to Social Ministry"

"My dear brother Sam Rodriguez, whom I have known for about 15 years, speaks clearly, writes convincingly and leads biblically. From hearing him talk before thousands to sitting over a meal talking man-to-man, I have come to know Sam as sincere in his life and rooted in his convictions. In our polarized world, Sam does not look for a middle ground but a higher ground, pointing others to Jesus."

-Barry H. Corey

President, Biola University

Author, "Make the Most of It: A Guide to Loving Your College Years"

"It's invigorating to read someone as passionate as Sammy Rodriguez on a subject he knows well. If you're feeling hopeless, exhausted or burdened, you'll come away from 'Persevere with Power' freshly furnished to take on anything the enemy throws at you. When you're with Christ, you're on the winning side!"

-Greg Laurie 

Senior Pastor, Harvest Christian Fellowship

September 15, 2021

“Redeeming Blood” Released by The Griffins


The Griffins from Spartanburg, S.C., will premiere the first single track of the “Restoration” project at the 2021 National Quartet Convention (NQC). The new project features the Griffins’ heart for hope and restoration to Christians in today’s world.

“Redeeming Blood” is a song written by Sandy Newman Bloemer and Allison Goff Gilliam that was inspired by the blood of Jesus. “Sandy and Allison brought this song to us, and we immediately knew we wanted to share the message of the song,” said Tim Griffin, Griffins spokesman.

The Griffins are made up of the legendary Tim Griffin, his wife, Angela Griffin along with Joshua Horrell and Melissa Jenkins Cates. The entire project was recently recorded at Studio 101 in Woodruff, S.C. Brad Phillips produced “Restoration” using Southern Gospel favorite instrumentation including Danny Crawford, and others.

Hey Y’all Media will be handing all radio promotion to media outlets. “Redeeming Blood” is set to release to media on September 15, 2021. Vonda Armstrong said, “’Redeeming Blood’ is a breakthrough single for The Griffins. We expect this song to rise quickly in the charts.”

The Griffins will be appearing at NQC on Monday morning’s concert. The audience will be the first to hear “Redeeming Blood” as well as another Griffins classic. The CD will be available at The Griffins booth during NQC and online at

A favorite to their fans, The Griffins provides an honest worship experience while providing encouragement.

For more information on The Griffins, visit

8th Street is the Winner of the Inaugural "Lift Your Voice" Vocal Competition

Gospel music trio 8th Street is the winner of the inaugural Lift Your Voice vocal competition. The competition was sponsored by Artist Resource Services (ARS) and Daywind Recording Studios. 8th Street comprises of Jonathan Thompson, and brothers Ivan Hugart and Byron Hugart.  

The trio took home the grand prize which includes a custom recording package at Daywind Recording Studios consisting of ten Daywind Soundtrack leases, producer, engineer, studio time, mixing, mastering, professional photo session, graphic design, and 500 digipak compact discs.  

"We consider it a privilege to be chosen as the winner of the first Lift Your Voice competition held by Daywind Studios," shares Thompson. "Psalms 104:33 says, 'I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live. I will sing praise unto my God while I have my being.' It is our desire to expand our ministry while being a blessing and encouragement to everyone we meet."

Director of Artist Resource Services, Anthony Facello, adds, "we count it an honor that so many talented individuals entered the contest. I have no doubt we will be hearing a lot more from these contestants!"

Contestants submitted a YouTube video performance no longer than 5 minutes in length. The competition was judged by music industry leaders, including Dusty Wells (Daywind Records), Anthony Facello (Daywind Recording Studios & Big Picture Records), Jaquita Lindsey (Daywind Recording Studios, Big Picture Records), Riley Harrison Clark (Recording Artist/Songwriter), and the legendary Reba Rambo (Recording Artist/Songwriter)