April 2, 2020


From being raised in an orphan's home, never experiencing love from a parent... to drug addicted, go-go dancer in a strip club... to born again, award-winning gospel music artist...to being loved by millions as the star of the hit TV show "Hee Haw"...
Lulu Roman has brought smiles and laughter to millions of people. She has also brought countless people to the Lord. Now, she shares her amazing life story with you.
"If you want all of stories about what went on behind the scenes on Hee Haw, you'll find them all right here! Yes, I tell everything on Junior and Grandpa and all the rest. But I also share the rest of my life story, one that no one has ever heard...until now." - Lulu Roman
Order your autographed copy of Lulu Roman's 'This is My Story; This is My Song' today!
"I love Lulu Roman! I love her honesty. She is brutally honest about everything...as you will soon find out in this book!"         -Lorrie Morgan

This deluxe, 250 page, hardcover book is filled with 200 never before seen photos from Lulu's personal collection!
Told in Lulu's own words, 'This is My Story; This is My Song' details:
* Lulu's 15 years in an orphan's home
* The surprising way she got the name Lulu; and the even more shocking reason behind her last name of Roman!
* Her hilarious and poignant memories of each Hee Haw cast member.
* Behind the scenes stories of the special guest stars who appeared on Hee Haw. Only Lulu Roman can tell all from the very first show to the last episode!
* How the Lord delivered her from drug addiction, and saved her life as she dealt with the death of her son.
"Somebody asked me who should buy my book. Well, if you were a fan of Hee Haw… that’s a no-brainer (I probably shouldn’t say “no-brainer” and Hee Haw in the same sentence! Ha!). If you love Country or Gospel music, you should find lots of interesting things in my book."
But who else would get something from my life?
Have you ever had a loved one die? Someone you loved so much that you wanted to die too?
Have you ever messed up your life?
Have you ever questioned God and your faith?
Have you ever felt unloved or abandoned?
If you can relate to any of the above… then, have I got a story for you!
"This is my story. This is my song." – LULU
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