June 16, 2020

Harvey Perdue Releases "I'm Takin' My Country Back"

You may remember Harvey Perdue from his 1983 album “One Accord” which was produced by Gospel great Henry Slaughter. Harvey previously released two albums, which were produced by the legendary Gary S. Paxton. You’re certainly no stranger to the string of #1 hits like, “God’s Country” and “America You’re To Young To Die.”

Harvey was inducted into the Country Gospel Music Hall Of Fame alongside of Albert E. Brumley, Jr. and Carl Perkins. Most recently he starred in “Tent Preaching” the Viceland Television Documentary which has been seen in 32 countries and by an audience of over 150 million people. Harvey Perdue is back with his hot, foot stomping, hand clapping patriotic classic, “I’m Takin’ My Country Back.” This song is sure to make your heart swell with American pride and give you the smile you’ve always had when you hear a Harvey Perdue classic.


Give it a listen today! It’s time to take your country back!