June 2, 2020

Mark Dubbeld Family New Video ‘Through It All’

During this time of national crisis, we dedicate this video to our friends and family who have been through the COVID19 pandemic. Janene Dubbeld from the group states, “In every circumstance of life there is a loving God who wants the walk and talk with us. That’s the beauty of relationship with Him! He’s with each us-through it all.” The song “Through It All” that was written by the Great American Gospel singer Andrae Crouch on the brand-new Mark Dubbeld Family album releasing June of 2020, entitled “Changeless.” The project is produced and orchestrated by the very talented and gifted Trey Ivy. About The Mark Dubbeld Family is renowned for inspired originally penned songs, family harmony and a sincere desire to communicate the Gospel. Mark Dubbeld has a long history in gospel music and stands with his wife Janene who is an accomplished writer. As parents, Mark and Janene love the music but most especially the message and have raised 5 children, of which 3 are part of the family ministry; Elena as the group’s soprano; Channing is Lead/Tenor; and Britton. The group strives to give glory to God as the have a song to sing, a word to write and a call to answer.