July 29, 2020

What Is Michael Combs Doing Through This Coronavirus Pandemic?

We thought it would be interesting to see how Gospel Artist Michael Combs has been fairing during this Covid-19 pandemic. So here it is in Michael’s own words:

Like everyone else who travels full time and sings and preaches for The Lord, the Coronavirus changed everything!

The traveling came to a screeching halt. Churches were closed. Auditoriums were locked. Large gatherings of people were prohibited. Our primary income source was stopped for quite a while.

However, The Lord has provided and continues to do so through donations, offerings and other sources of income to make ends meet.

We’re learning to adapt to this new “way of life” that the Coronavirus has thrust upon us.

We’ve done a couple of live stream Concerts from our basement which was new to us. We just recently did a “drive-in” Concert in Virginia with The Whisnant’s and Servant’s Heart Trio that was very well attended. As I write this things are loosening up somewhat.

We have been helping out with a Revival the last three nights. It was outdoors and we really enjoyed it! The Lord gave us five precious souls for our efforts.

We are doing another “drive-in” service at a Church this weekend and they are expecting a really good crowd!

Things are very different now for sure. We didn’t sing at all for over three months.

We’ve wondered what’s gonna happen? We’ve prayed. We’ve had Church in our Living room like many others. We’ve stayed home a lot. Now social distancing at church.

Most of all…we are trusting The Lord. He hasn’t let us down yet and I know he never will.

Hopefully. If it’s God’s will. Things will soon return to normal (somewhat). When it does, we will look forward to continuing our Ministry and seeing everyone at a Concert event soon!

God bless,

Michael Combs