September 24, 2020

Exclusive Premiere of Karen Peck & New River’s New Lyric Video ‘Made Right’

 Karen Peck & New River’s latest single, “Made Right”, has already become a fan favorite. Here’s Karen with a few words about the song, and the new life it’s taken on:

“It was an honor to co-write “Made Right” with Michael Farren and Mia Fieldes. We knew immediately that it was going to be a special song, not knowing what we would face in the months ahead. When the pandemic hit, I kept saying that if the Lord allows it, then He will make a way for us to get through it. He will make it right. Some how. Some way. When choosing the next radio single, there was no question that “Made Right” was the perfect song for this season we are in. We pray that it will be an encouragement to everyone. No matter what we have faced, or will continue to face in 2020, “By the Spirit of the Lord, it’s going to be made right.”